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I would love to share my fitness journey from Fat to Fit. 3 years I was overweight about 92 kg. But, Now I have lost almost 15 kg and you know what, it’s during COVID 19 which means without any gym, without leaving delicious food…Nothing. This became possible just because of my friend. I am sure you want to know this anyhow but I would like you to wait & read below as that is really important.

My friend started his journey almost 5 months back and reduced somewhere around 25kg in 3 months. I asked him many times how but he do want to reveal his SECRET. I tried everything to convince him but nothing was working. Then one day, I went to his house when he was not there & look what I found. I found 3 bottles of RESURGE!

Of course, RESURGE help him a lot in reducing weight but along with that he followed a complete healthy diet.

I strongly believe, if you follow HEALTHY DIET on regular basis in a scheduled manner then the internal body start healing itself & you will start feeling light within 15-20 days. However, if you add 30-45 minutes yoga at-least 5 times a weak. It will be awesome!

Please find some YOGA tips below:-

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